The best free font keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad

Just like emoji keyboards, font keyboards for iPhone and iPad bring fun to your messages. Whether you’re texting a family member or emailing a friend, you can make your words really pop by using different font styles.

There are tons of font keyboard apps on the App Store. But if you’re looking for the top ones, look no further. Here are four of the best free font keyboards for iPhone and iPad that don’t come with a bunch of strings attached.


Fonts app on iPhone

Simply named, Fonts is a very cool keyboard. Just open the app, tap to enable it in your settings, and you’re ready to go. You don’t have to worry about opening the actual app again.

Fonts features:

  • Choose from 22 nifty fonts including squares, circles, gothic, comic, and even upside down.
  • Enable “Fonts on keys” so that whichever font you’re using displays on the keyboard keys too.
  • Use the keyboard in any app requiring input on your iOS device.

Fonts is easy-to-use, offers great font styles, and adds pizzazz to your words.

  • Availability: iPhone and iPad
  • CostFree

Font Changer

Font Changer app on iPhone

Font Changer is another good keyboard to check out. You get many free fonts and can unlock others if you want the whole boatload of over 120 options. When you want to use a font, just set it in the app and when the keyboard is enabled, that’s the font that will be used.

Font Changer features:

  • Type directly in your messages or use the app to create texts and emails with the font you want.
  • Choose from emojis and decorative text for extra fun with messages.
  • Select from keyboard skins to spruce up your keys.

Font Changer is a nice free keyboard app with bonus features you might really enjoy.

  • Availability: iPhone and iPad
  • CostFree with in-app purchases to unlock additional fonts and remove the ads from the app itself

New Cool Fonts Keyboard

New Cool Fonts Keyboard app on iPhone

The New Cool Fonts Keyboard gives you a handful of neat fonts for free along with a new look for your keyboard with themes and backgrounds.

New Cool Fonts Keyboard features:

  • Just tap the “Fonts” button to change your style while typing.
  • Draw, add photos, and insert fun emojis all with simple taps on the keyboard.
  • Use “Recents” to type with your favorite and most-used font styles.
  • Adjust settings for language, auto-correction, smart keys, sound, and more.

New Cool Fonts Keyboard is a terrific option with features that make it a full-fledged keyboard and not just all about fonts.

  • Availability: iPhone and iPad
  • CostFree with an in-app purchase to unlock all fonts

Cool Fonts

Cool Fonts app on iPhone

With Cool Fonts, you’ll get a great selection of fonts along with keyboard themes for a nice bonus. Just tap the Font button on the keyboard, pick your style, and that’s it.

Cool Fonts features:

  • Pick from awesome fonts like cursive, Greek style, bacon, circles, and fireworks.
  • Tap to choose emojis for your messages.
  • Select an attractive keyboard theme for a nicer typing experience.

Cool Fonts is an excellent font keyboard with bonus features that come in handy.

  • Availability: iPhone and iPad
  • CostFree with in-app purchases to unlock additional fonts and remove the ads from the app itself

Wrapping up these font keyboards for iPhone and iPad

With all of the font keyboard apps on the App Store, it’s hard to know which one to try. Many of them only give you one or two free fonts or require you to sign up for a trial just to try them out. These four options are different and give you enough free fonts to use and try before you buy, if you even want to purchase more.

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