The 5 best new games for iOS and Android Week 16 – 2019

1. JumpGrid

It’s not every day that a new game from the developer of the awesome Boson-X lands on the App Store. If it was, we’d probably be an awful lot happier. This one is a grid-based arcade action blast that’s a bit like trying to play a rhythm action game without the music with one hand while playing Pac-Man with the other. Sort of.

One thing’s for sure – this is one of the fastest games we’ve seen on mobile in a long time. If you’re a fan of the likes of Super Hexagon, then this is definitely going to be right up your street. It’s tough, it’s rewarding, and it’s got some of the sharpest ideas we’ve seen on our phones in a long time.

2. Shards of Infinity

This one’s a sequel to the really rather good Ascension. It’s a deck-builder in a similar vein to its predecessor, but with a few twists and tricks thrown in for good measure. It also looks really lovely – honestly it’s one of the best looking non-Hearthstone cards games that we’ve had the pleasure of playing.

It’s not going to make anyone change their mind about the deck-building genre, but the additions it chucks into the mix are basically spot on. Plus there’s hours and hours and more hours of content here if it manages to get its teeth into you.

3. Daggerhood

Sometimes it can feel like every other game that comes out for mobile is some sort of hardcore platformer. The sad fact is, a lot of them aren’t that different from each other. Thankfully though, Daggerhood doesn’t fit into that bracket.

The saving grace here is a teleportation mechanic that changes the way you play the game. Everything is designed with it in mind, and it makes for a much more engaging experience than just having to nail the time of your leaps. Basically it’s real good.

4. Magnibox

This one’s a really clever mix of a puzzler and a platformer. You’re in control of a magnet, and it’s up to you to use its special magnetic skills to move you from A to B. That’s obviously easier said than done, which is sort of the point of every game if you think about it.

There are some intriguing challenges to solve here, and the simple controls mean you can get right down to scratching your grey matter. You’ve got loads of levels to work your way through, and you’re going to push on to see what else the game has to offer.

5. XOB

One of the strangest games we’ve seen on mobile for a while. After a brief tutorial you’re left to figure a lot of stuff out for yourself. Gravity is one of the keys here – you move your character by pushing on the screen and moving your finger to tilt the world. Tap and gravity flips.

There are some really great ideas in XOB, as well as a passion that doesn’t come through in a lot of other mobile games. It even apologises for having to have adverts, which is pretty awesome. Throw in a wonderful and evolving art style and you’ve got something pretty special.

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