Euler the Elephant: Tips and tricks

Euler the Elephant is a recently launched casual puzzler that comes to you courtesy of Oraharo Entertainment. It’s all about a little Elephant with a very big quest to fulfill – a quest that will have him cross (and break) a great many bridges along the way.

And whilst Euler the Elephant might be cute on the surface, its puzzle mechanics are in fact devilishly-tricky, which is why we’ve prepared the following tips to help you fulfill little Euler’s destiny.

First thing’s first

There’s an old cliche among chess aficionados that the very first move you make is the most important. Not being expert chess players we can’t really confirm whether that’s true or not, but as expert gamers we can safely say that it’s most definitely the case with Euler the Elephant.

Whether you’re the type of player that likes to plan ahead or prefers the trial-and-error approach – one thing remains consistent which is that quite often the very first bridge you trample will determine how easy the rest of the level is going to be, so take your time before rushing in and you’ll cut out a lot of unnecessary mistakes.

Take stock of your bridges

A good tip if you’re having a bit of trouble early on is to take note of exactly how many bridges there are in total on any given level (displayed in the top left corner of the level map). It’s a good way to double check that the route you’re planning will definitely hit your goal – for instance if there are 15 bridges in total and your target is to destroy 12, then the path you choose should leave exactly 3 intact bridges remaining – if not then you’ll have to go back to the drawing board!

How to speed things up

In case you find little Euler to be too pedestrian in his destructive endeavours, simply click on multiple bridges along your intended path to make him go faster. Keep in mind though that even if he is blue and cute, he isn’t Sonic, but he will do his best to speed up.

Crayons are an Elephant’s best friend

For some of the tougher levels in the game prior planning is essential and to help out, Euler the Elephant provides a crayon feature for drawing out your route on the map. There is a limit to how many marks you can make before you run out (you can choose to either watch ads to replenish your amount or purchase an indefinite crayon) but it definitely comes in handy for the larger levels where memorising your route becomes a little trickier.

Build your friendship

A handy way to pick up some free perks is to work on your “Friendship Status” with Euler. There are more details about this feature in the main menu but it essentially works along the same principle as a daily login rewards system, where playing the game over multiple days in succession will net you nifty items such as an extra life or extra crayon to use. All you need to do to boost your friendship is to make sure you destroy at least one bridge in the game every day. Do this over 30 days and you’ll receive Best Friend status which nets you a free Crystal Ball to use in every world. Crystal Ball’s mark out all the bridges you shouldn’t destroy on your map making them the absolute best item to use when you’re really stuck.

And there you have it, everything you should need to get your bridge-breaking journey underway. In case you have any of your own tips to share, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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