Summary of mobile games or weekends

Continuing the series, this week I will introduce you to some mobile games or for entertainment on the weekends. These titles are new and old, but the playing experience is very attractive and interesting, invite you to download and play, you can also comment on additional games that you find interesting to share it.

Battle Bay 
The game comes from Rovio, the studio that created Angry Bird, has a hybrid role-playing style with MOBA in the 5v5 format. Young and playful graphic style is set in the ships fighting on the coast will bring high entertainment for you. Game play with fast rhythm, suitable for mobile games, and a rich upgrade system will make you have motivation to play to upgrade your battleship continuously without getting bored. The game is available for both iOS and Android.


Brawl Stars 
Another game from a famous studio, Supercell. Still the graphics style, but the play is somewhat more creative and follows the direction of the game & quot; rob the flag & quot ;. You will control the characters fighting in a small map, and the ultimate goal is to collect and keep the gems, whichever team will win more, and there are also other game modes. Currently the game is playing a lot by the community in Vietnam and this is the key, many players will have higher linkage, playing together will be much more interesting. The game also has a system of characters with each character possessing a different character, remember to invite your friends to make a game together.

Identity V 
The plot is that a detective receives an invitation to investigate from a father whose child is missing. Horror game of horror with 4vs1 format. That is, you can play the role of a good person who tries to decode and survive from a ghostly creature, or vice versa to play a ghostly character who catches 4 other players, preventing them from escaping from the play area. How to play in the game is quite rich and interesting, it is better for you to experience yourself than to describe yourself, and if you invite friends to play, it will be more fun: D link download below for both iOS and Android. < br />

Onmyouji Arena 
If you are a fan of MOBA game that is bored with the general system of Lien Quan or Vainglory, then you can change the wind and the Onmyouji MOBA. It’s still that character system of Onmyouji, but in combination with other ways of playing and detailed graphics, it definitely won’t disappoint you. Gold plow to buy generals in the game is also quite easy but not as expensive as Lien Quan. Graphics of Japanese style and map system, forest monsters are also slightly different from the two games mentioned above. Descriptions of skill sets or guides also support Vietnamese, so new players need not worry about accessing new games.
I wish you a happy weekend with the games I just told invite you to share more

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