How does Huawei and Samsung show up their folding phone screens at the exhibition stand?

Huawei and Samsung both brought to MWC 2019 the first flip phones to be marketed in 2019. The time of sale is coming soon, but what we see at MWC 2019 is just through … protective glass box, not able to experience reality right at the exhibition.

At Huawei’s display stand, viewers easily see that the Mate X is placed in a simple glass cage that consists of only one layer. The machine is placed on a shelf with a configuration panel directly below it that is easy to see. The arrangement of Mate X is set to a 110 degree angle to the user facing direction.


 On the opposite side, Huawei placed the Mate X in the corner of another screen. The device still directs the screen to the user with a folded angle of a few degrees. The common point on both shelves of this product is that the machine is fixed and shows the product introduction videos. Therefore, viewers cannot visualize the actual interface of the device, as well as see the screen being bent in such a display state.


 Some other exhibitors, such as Royole, exhibited very clearly the applications of curved screens to show users how practical the product design intentions could be.

At Samsung booth, they put the Galaxy Fold in a glass case with many layers of glass combined with square LED strips surrounding the user’s view, similar to the ones we stand in the space with two mirrors and look at there. Nearly the viewer could not see the Galaxy Fold clearly, nor would it be difficult to capture the machine in the usual way.


 Samsung puts the Galaxy Fold on a flat surface and doesn’t bend. According to the design, the camera has a camera concave inside the main screen. Basically, watching the Galaxy Fold at MWC 2019 is very difficult. The stacking glass layers with LED lights create shaded effects that make viewing details very difficult.


 Thus, both Huawei and Samsung still show users to admire two machines placed … in glass cabinets at the exhibition booth. It can be seen that they themselves do not want users to see clearly because the product displayed in experimental form, not to mention giving the user a real />

As expected, the commercial version of two machines from Huawei and Samsung will be available in 2019. We will wait until the official distribution time to see how the product is commercialized.

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