Admire the large screen group from 324 Galaxy S10 +, beautiful motion effect

At the Samsung booth at MWC 2019, viewers can see an impressive performance. That is the display of 324 Galaxy S10s assembled into a slide show with each machine that can be protruded – indented with a wavy style.

With 324 Galaxy S10s put together, you will see a large screen displaying information, and its special feature is that this monitor cluster has the ability to detect motion to create very visual effects. interesting. In this monitor cluster, Samsung also incorporates the movement of phone-attached modules with sound to create effects when users interact with motion gestures.

tinhte_tren_tay_342_man_hinh_samsung_s10 + _mwc19_2.jpg

To do this, Samsung uses the hardware cluster behind the phones you see. This hardware cluster has each block attached to each phone that can stick out – indented. All are connected to a processing engine combined with the sensor of the interactive body movement sensor (probably Microsoft Kinect).

tinhte_tren_tay_342_man_hinh_samsung_s10 + _mwc19_9.jpg

After the system recognizes the movement of the skeleton, the system will record the appropriate information to provide appropriate actions for the mechanical blocks, combined with the effect displayed on the Galaxy S10. mounted on it so that it matches with the movement of the active person.

tinhte_tren_tay_342_man_hinh_samsung_s10 + _mwc19_10.jpg

When viewed from a distance, you can see the screen displayed by the phones are quite seamlessly combined, by the design of the overflow screen on the Galaxy S10. However, if you look closely at this screen, you will see the grooves due to the design of curved edges of the machine or the chin below the machine is not as thin as possible, at this time the overall screen will see big effects like woven nets.

tinhte_tren_tay_342_man_hinh_samsung_s10 + _mwc19_1.jpg

It can be seen that this is a showcase for the Samsung booth at MWC 2019 next to the Galaxy Fold booths or the history of Samsung’s outstanding phones.

tinhte_tren_tay_342_man_hinh_samsung_s10 + _mwc19_3.jpg

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